Monday, 5 November 2012

Bargain Buy - Bed Linen and my Bamboo Throw

I have been keeping an eye out for a cozy bed throw for a few months now. With winter coming up I wanted something I could use to snuggle up to while drinking bottomless cups of tea, browsing Pinterest, stalking  researching on Facebook, blogging for hours you get the picture (yes in Winter I am a creature of hibernation!).

So I was just thrilled when I stumbled across this great linen website the other day. I literally clicked on a Google ad (I never do that) and found DAPW. Now perhaps I should start with saying that when it comes to my bed linen I am so fussy about quality. I love my sleep. I also delight in the small pleasures of a comfy duvet and clean linen. There is nothing quite like sleeping in freshly made, clean linen. However I have champagne taste with beer money I am sadly discovering. So when I saw the price tags on this website I was quite chuffed with my bargain find. I added a few goodies to my basket, was comforted by their 365 days returns and then was delighted with the products when they arrived.

Bamboo Throw - £29.00

I also traded in my Primark duvet, duvet covers and awfully lumpy pillows for products from here. Yes after 2 1/2 years of living in London, I am finally moving up in the world :) And I cannot recommend them highly enough - you will just have to pop by to see for yourself.

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