Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Bargain Buy - Bed Cushions

I love little critters. A few of my favourites are rabbits, deer, birds and foxes.

I am embarking on this new "phase" in my life where I am only buying things I just absolutely love and not because they are on sale. (Goodness I am a sucker for a SALE sign!) However, I find it is not always a bargain because half the time I only half heartily love it and would probably not have loved it, if it had not on be on sale - do you know what I mean? So it hit me when I realised I wanted to start only buying key pieces I simply loved instead, that I must now be a grown up... At the age of 24 I felt old for the first time!

So back to my bargain buy! I wanted to add a few woodland critters to my bedroom decor and looked everywhere for something I would just love! And that is when I saw these two cushions - on Ebay of all places! You have to love an Ebay find! The rabbit cushion actually has a different design on the back with a dark grey background and a white rabbit which is nifty. There were also other stag head designs and I thought they were very reasonably priced.

Rabbit Cushion - £15.99 plus postage (available in beige / brown too)
Stag Head Cushion - £9.99 plus postage
Laptop Riser - Ikea

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